*Cost of installation may vary depending upon the specific vehicle. 

**Hybrid/Electric vehicles require additional equipment. 

     1. Multiple-vehicle installations are eligible for group discounts.  

*** Vehicle transfers must be made within one 24 hour period.


                                      Determinator 2 Pricing
                                   (Camera Model Available )
                             (All Fees Are Including Sales Tax)


*Installation:                                $75 By Appointment Only (without referral)
Installation:                                  $50 By Appointment Only (install less than 1 yr)
1. Monthly fee:                            $75 Billed on the install date of each month
**Hybrid/Elec Mon Fee:            $75 + $10 Per month is added
Removal:                                      $50 By Appointment Only
***Vehicle Transfer:                   $100 By Appointment Only
Phone Lock Out Code:               $75 Per code (code valid for 24 hrs.)
Office Lock Out Code:                $35 Per code (over 37th day)
Violation Reset:                           $35 Per occurrence (violation before 30 days)
Non-Warranty Service:              $75 Per occurrence
Returned Check:                         $35 Per check
Pick-Up/Delivery Fee:                 Free Within 15 Miles/ $30 over 15 miles
Additional Mouthpieces:           3 Free w/ Original Install or $2 each





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